What is Orthodontic Treatment (Dental Braces Treatment)?

Orthodontic Treatment (Braces Treatment) is the diagnosis of existing disorders in the tooth alignment and jaw structures and the treatment of the disorders that occur with various methods.

What is orthodontics treatment without braces (Transparent Plaque Treatment)?

Orthodontics treatment without braces  (Transparent Plaque Treatment) is an orthodontic treatment performed with transparent plaques specially made for patients who are uncomfortable with the appearance of braces.

What is Porcelain Braces (Treatment with Ceramic Braces)?

Porcelain Braces(Treatment with Ceramic Braces) is an orthodontic treatment method of orthodontic dental treatment using transparent, special braces made of porcelain material instead of metal braces.

What is lingual braces?

Lingual Braces is a treatment method in orthodontic treatment that is performed by placing the braces on the back of the tooth (facing the tongue and palate area of the teeth), which are not visible from the outside.

What is Orthopedic (Jaw) Treatment?

Orthopedic (Jaw) Treatment is a treatment method in which the incompatibility of the lower and upper jaws with each other or with the facial lines is made by using appliances during the growth and development period of the individual.