Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry

What is Digital Dentistry  (CEREC)?

It is imaging the inside of the mouth with special cameras and the 3D modeling of fillings and prostheses by designing them with CAD / CAM technology.

What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design is an application that uses special computer programs to plan a more aesthetic smile by making it more suitable for face shapes after the teeth are made healthier by using calculations for the personalized golden ratio.

What is Aesthetic Filling?

It is the name given to fillings that cannot be distinguished from natural tooth enamel by adjusting to the original tooth color.

What is Inlay and Onlay Ceramic Fillings?

It is the preferred type of restoration to replace the lost tissue in tooth tissue losses caused by caries or trauma. While Inley is used for tissue loss on chewing surfaces, Onley is used for cases where more than one surface is lost.

What is Teeth Whitening  (Bleaching)?

Bleaching is the process of converting the tooth color to its old tone or a few tones whiter, with chemically applied methods under the control of dentists.

What is At-Home Teeth Whitening?

In the At-Home Whitening method, the problems in the teeth are treated, measurements are taken from the mouth of the patient and patient-specific plaques are produced. Afterwards, the chemical gels named Carbamide Peroxide are delivered to the patient with plaques prepared by the physician by explaining the application method.

What is Philips Zoom?

In the Philips Zoom application, a protective layer is applied so that the products to be used do not come into contact with the patient's gums, and the outer surfaces of the teeth are dried and the bleaching agent containing Hydrogen Peroxide is applied to these surfaces. The Philips Zoom application is carried out with one or two sessions of application.

What is a Tooth Piercing?

Tooth Piercing is the process of attaching the accessory with special adhesives to the visible surface of the tooth requested by the patient, without any abrasion on the tooth surface.

What is Zirconium Dental Coating?

Offering aesthetics and durability at the same time with its white metal alloy, Zirconium Coating is the most compatible, natural and durable coating type for the gums.

What is Dental Laminate?

* What is Porcelain Laminate?
Porcelain Laminate is a coating made by gluing a thin layer of porcelain to the front surface of the tooth after slight abrasion on the front surface of the tooth.

* What is Composite Laminate?
Composite Laminate is an aesthetic and cosmetic coating made with composite material on tooth surfaces to change the color, shape, enlarge or treat a defect of the tooth without damaging the teeth and to create an aesthetic appearance on the tooth.

It is an aesthetically advanced coating made of reinforced as a block or reinforced porcelain in its substructure.