Implant and Maxillofacial Surgery

Implant and Maxillofacial Surgery

What is Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery?

Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery is the department that applies the necessary diagnosis and treatment methods for the correction of diseases, injuries and disorders of the hard and soft tissues in the mouth, teeth and jaw regions of individuals of all ages. At EvDiş, the procedures planned according to the type of operation to be performed in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery and the condition of the patient are optionally performed under local anesthesia, general anesthesia and conscious sedation.

What are Impacted Teeth?

Wisdom teeth have the potential to remain impacted at a very high rate in the community. These teeth, which cannot find a place for healthy growth due to the lack of space, especially in the lower jaws, can cause serious problems periodically. Especially with the food becoming softer over time, the chewing area narrowed and the need for wisdom teeth began to disappear. Since it does not contribute to the chewing function and does not find a place to develop over time, the rate of impaction of these teeth has increased considerably in recent years. The teeth that cannot come out due to the lack of space can compress the front teeth and cause infections, jaw cysts, pain and serious abscesses.

What is Implant Treatment?

Implants are artificial dental roots placed in the jawbone and made to support dentures. Fixed or removable prostheses made on these long-lasting and life-long artificial roots, which are made to replace missing teeth, fulfill the patient's chewing function and aesthetics. The way of implant treatment varies depending on the type of implant and the jawbone. The biggest benefit of implants is that they provide good support for your new teeth.

What is Zygoma İmplant?

Zygoma Implant application has been developed for patients who have lost most of the bone structure in the upper jaw. When there is not enough bone to place an implant in the upper jawbone, long implants are used and support is taken from the cheekbone. The cheekbones have sufficient strength and rigidity to fix the maxillary teeth.

What is Ramus Bone Grafting?

Ramus grafting, also known as jaw bone transplantation, is the compensation of bone loss and insufficiency by grafting method.

What is Tumor Operation?

Odontogenic tumor occur anywhere in the mouth. It can be noticed by the patient by causing pain or swelling, or it can reach quite large sizes without being noticed. Although the treatment methods differ according to the area and size of the odontogenic tumor, they should be taken by oral and dental surgeons. Tumor operation is a method used in the treatment of dental tumors caused by dental injuries and traumas, and odontogenic tumor that may originate from teeth or from a different embryological origin.

What is Jaw Surgery (orthognathic surgery)?

Jaw Surgery is operations performed to correct congenital or subsequent deformities of the jaw.

What is Sinus Lift Surgery?

Sinus Lift Surgery, emergency dental implant treatment is not a viable option for replacing teeth due to the weak condition of the jawbone. It may only be appropriate for people with a weak upper jaw. It helps to prepare the jawbone for treatments such as dental implants, such as having sinus lift surgery. There has been long periods of discontinuity, especially in patients with bone loss as a result of resorption of dental procedures, back grafting, sinus lift, and bone through to the maxilla. Sinus lift bone augmentation gives patients a chance for  dentures and aesthetic improvement of smile by increasing dental function.

What is botoks (botulinum toxine)?

Botox is the process of performing the botox operation with Botulinum Toxine. Botulunum Toxine, which is produced by a type of bacteria, creates temporary paralysis in the activity of the applied muscle and provides comfort to the patient.

What is Wisdom Teeth (Nerve Related)?

It is the surgical removal of the teeth that are under the skin and close to the nerve for various reasons, or the removal of the apparently damaged and untreatable wisdom teeth.

What is Apical Resection?

Apical Resection is the surgical cleaning of the cysts, which are formed by spreading to the jawbone after a certain stage, of dental caries that were not treated on time, by opening a window at the level of the tooth root.

What is EPULIS?

EPULIS treatment is the process of removing the lesions, which are formed as a result of chronic irritation of the oral mucosa and do not have specific features, from the body by wipeout the irritation.

What is ODONTOMA (Intraoral Tumor)?

Odontoma treatment is the treatment of an odontoma tumor that causes the aging of tissues such as enamel, dentin and cementum inside the tooth.